Club Rules

Rules Of Conduct, and The Redfeather Winter People Society Pledge.

Winter People

Rules Of Conduct

1. Snowballs are an important part of a healthy breakfast. Have two or three, and share.

2. Do not snowshoe in ski tracks. Do not wear Hawaiian shirts.

3. Always carry an emergency kit in your vehicle that includes water, food, Redfeather Snowshoes, extra clothing and at least one Jack London novel.

4. Offer to take at least one non-winter person on a Redfeather Snowshoe excursion. The object of this is to introduce non-members to the joy of winter. Some are hopeless, but they are easy to spot. Concentrate on those summer people with a notable conversion tendency.

5. Members should not discuss Winter People Society member business outside of the Redfeather Winter People circle.

(If you are reading this and you are NOT yet a member of the Redfeather Society for the Preservation of Winter People, please join today. You can get free stuff.)

The Redfeather Winter People Society Pledge

“As a Redfeather Winter Person, I do happily pledge to uphold the standards of the Society. To pray for snow, no matter what my religious beliefs. To smile in the face of sub-zero wind chills. To hone my skills at hot chocolate production. To not look down on summer people – unless I am at a higher elevation. As a Redfeather Winter Person I understand it is my responsibility to carry my own tire chains.

This I pledge.