Winter People Society

You, Who Turns To The Heavens In The Hope Of Crystaline Frigidity Sailing Earthward And Who Utters The Snowshoer’s Silent Prayer: “YIPPEE!”

FamilyYou Are One Of Us. Redfeather Winter People. You know who you are.

And you intuitively know who other Winter People are, as they are much like yourself; glancing furtively at the sky in search of snowflakes, celebrating with internal glee with every degree the temperature falls, wistfully opening your vehicle’s trunk to spend a melancholy moment with your unused Redfeather Snowshoes. . . . . . in July.

We are a breed apart. And we invite you to become a member in good standing, and in good snowshoeing, of

The Redfeather Society For The Preservation Of Winter People.

Our society was expressly created to bring voice to the snowbound intelligensia. To protect the interests of those who would otherwise be left out in the cold, so to speak. The Redfeather Society For The Preservation of Winter People welcomes all winter people – both those born and those made. We embrace, encourage and inspire all those who work to ensure winter trails are open to all those who enjoy them. We rally our troops to assure winter receives the appreciation it so richly deserves.

For this, The Redfeather Society Of Winter People offers the mittened-hand of unity to all those who qualify. And for those of us who belong, we proudly proclaim our passion for winter.

Joining Is Easy. For Some.

winter_peopleYes, true Redfeather Winter People will find that becoming an official member of the R.S.F.T.P.O.W.P. is as easy as slipping on a Redfeather Snowshoe. Of course, we have rules. And a secret handshake (which no one is fully certain what that secret handshake looks like because it is mitten-covered. Which is, perhaps, as it should be.). And we have a Society Pledge.

Once you sign up, you will receive your frameable certificate of authentic membership in the Redfeather Winter People Society.

However, not everyone can join.

Automatic Eligibility

Any proud owner of Redfeather Snowshoes. Anyone thinking about owning Redfeather Snowshoes. Anyone who has ever made Snowflake Ice Cream. Anyone who may or may not have been caught as an adult making snow angels or trying to catch snowflakes on their tongue. Anyone who embraces winter, with or without a puffy coat on. Sign Up Now.

Ineligible Folk

Weathermen who describe snow as “bad weather”. Anyone who whines about how cold it is. Anyone who thinks a crampon is a muscle spasm in your calf.