Redfeather Snowshoe Fitness Program

Redfeather Snowshoe School Fitness Program.

Getting kids moving in the winter is not only fun but it also benefits the physical and mental health of their bodies.

Redfeather feels strongly that snowshoeing is a great way to keep kids moving during the winter months, and “If you can walk, you can snowshoe”. So we created the Redfeather Snowshoe School Fitness Program to help kids stay on top of the snow without losing a step. The Snowshoe Curriculum is designed to provide educators and students in grades K – 12 with lesson plans, goals, terminology, history, games, special activities, and much more.


Consider these facts

  • Snowshoeing is a fast growing winter sport in America and Europe.
  • Walking, running or simply playing while wearing snowshoes burns 45% more calories than these same activities without wearing snowshoes.
  • Anybody can snowshoe. If you can put one foot in front of the other, you can do this.
  • Our “easy on, easy off” binding will get kids snowshoeing in no time with no problems.
  • There is no equipment maintenance and snowshoes are easily stored.
  •  It’s also an excellent cross training platform for track, cross country, soccer, football, and other sports. Studies at major universities have concluded that athletes who have trained in snowshoes have benefitted from a much greater aerobic capacity than those who performed the same activities but did not use snowshoes.

Redfeather provides special pricing on an assortment of snowshoes just for schools. We provide not only the snowshoes, but a tote/storage bag for each pair of snowshoes ordered through our school program. Also included is our “Light As a feather” written snowshoe curriculum for physical education instructors and teachers to use to make snowshoeing a fun, active, and creative activity for every child involved.

Please contact us at with your name, school, and city for a printable version of our School Order Form.  Or call us at 1-800-525-0081 to request for one.

For a printable version of our School Program information, please click here.