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Three Section Trekking Poles are a great addition to any adventure!

When you hike with the Redfeather Three Section Trekking Poles you get stability and comfort that will help you go anywhere be it mud, rocks, ice or snow.  Changing the height of these telescoping poles from 27 to 54 inches is a breeze with the easy to use lever locks – with or without gloves on.

While they are a perfect companion to any snowshoe purchase they are also included in our Redfeather Snowshoe Kits. The Trekking Poles come with screw on baskets to lend more stability and power to any snowshoe adventure. Included with our Trekking Poles are pop on the rubber tips for the warmer months. Simply screw off the baskets and pop on the rubber tips to add an upper body workout for any casual walk or adventurous hike.

For more information on how and where to snowshoe Click here!
*All Redfeather Snowshoe Poles are sold in Pairs.



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