Privacy Policy

Visitors To Our Website
Redfeather does not collect any visitor specific data with regard to a person’s name, location, etc. Visitor counts, or “hits”, may be collected as an indication of our web site’s use, but all information is completely anonymous.

Visitor Contact Information
If a visitor contacts Redfeather via our Contact Page, certain information will be collected in order to facilitate our process of responding to a question or query. That information will contain a person’s name, gender, location, place of employment, and e-mail contact information. This information will remain the property of Redfeather until such a time that files may be purged. Under no circumstances will Redfeather sell or otherwise provide any names to a third party for the purposes of data mining or sales.

E-Mail Contacts
E-Mail addresses will be maintained on our computer system for the purpose of responding to or providing information to the e-mail address holder, until such a time as the system is purged. E-Mail address collected by Redfeather will not be sold or made available in any way to any third party sources for the purposes of data mining or sales.