Where to go Snowshoeing

Wherever Those Snowshoes Take You!

There are many great places to try out your Redfeather shoes. Some are “official” and some are wherever you find at least 4 inches of snow and the willingness to head out into Mother Nature. That could be your own backyard, or the backcountry.

City, county, state and national parks, and national forests are a good way to get the hang of it – basically anywhere you have snow!

Once you feel comfortable, you might like to try out a new hiking trail or perhaps you want to go to one of the many areas devoted solely to snowshoeing. These areas are great because the trails are often marked out according to their difficulty.

Area golf courses are great places to go, with the owner’s permission. There are also festivals and events at many locations throughout the winter, often times at your local ski area. And there are snowshoe events and snowshoe races throughout the season, throughout the snowbelt!

Links To Explore For A Great Snowshoeing Experience: