Snowshoe Hibernation

How to store your snowshoe in the off-season

As the warm weather slowly approaches and the snow quietly melts into disarranged puddles on the streets. It may be time for your snowshoes to to start they’re summer hibernation. Here are a few tips on how to store your snowshoes through the summer months to ensure they will be ready to float across the snow next snowfall.

  • Before putting your snowshoes away for the off season, be sure to clean them. Get in between the cracks of the bindings and
    crampons and use cleaning products that won’t hurt the snowshoe or it’s materials.
  • When choosing a place to store your snowshoes, take into consideration high temperatures and avoid places wheremoisture might be present.
  • Pick an excessible and safe place to store your snowshoe to avoid any accidental run-ins with the metal crampons.
  • And like all things that we store a longer amount of time, remember where you stored them to avoid the panic
    to finding them when the snow makes its return.