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New Race

For those who consider winter to simply be a new challenge in their fitness regimen, there is the Redfeather Race.

Somebody must have been hyperventilating when they designed this snowshoe.

The Race is built for speed, featuring a modified, raised V-Tail design and the lightest and most durable Cross Country binding ever created. The frame of the Race has been designed specifically to accommodate a natural running stride. Weighing in at only 2.94 lbs. for the pair, this 25 inch snowshoe takes the lead in winter fitness

But this snowshoe is no lightweight when it comes to construction. From the titanium crampons to the most durable decking available, the Hypalon II, the Redfeather Race is built to run, and keep running.

Even its design makes these snowshoes look like they're on the move, even if they're just sitting in your closet.

The Redfeather Race is your cure for wet, soggy, slushy running shoes.

So, what are you waiting for? Get into The Race.


Cross Country Bindings: Ultra-Light made from Hypalon II with urethane straps which cinch down to any running shoe or light hiking boot for flexibility and large range of motion.

Hinge: Live-Action Hinge lifts the tail of the shoe from the snow with every step - for added mobility and speed.

Frame: 6000 Series Aircraft Grade Aluminum, with special modified V-Tail design featuring a raised tail for a smoother stride experience specifically for running.

Crampon: Race 25 Striped has the high quality titanium construction. Extremely light weight. The Black and Green version now has our 360 Talon system for even more grip and control.

Decking: Hypalon II - High tech material, ultra light weight, super strong, puncture and abrasion resistant.

BlkWht Race
RACE 25 2.94 LBS. UP TO 225 LBS.


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