Pace Kit


Get Your Redfeathers On and Get Out There.


Pick any winter activity; running, backpacking, hiking, ballroom dancing, and whatever else you can imagine. Just name it. Then add Redfeather Snowshoes.

No matter what you do or what you wear your Redfeathers for, you are guaranteed a durable, comfortable, long-lasting snowshoe that is proudly hand-crafted in La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA.


(or "OUTDOORSPERSON" if you wish):

Say goodbye to the days of sinking up to your kneecaps in snow, following in someone else's tracks, or post-holing your way through the woods. We've designed some special snowshoes with the outdoorsman in mind. If you like getting out in nature and off the beaten path, we've got the snowshoes for that.


Take any outdoor activity, add Redfeather Snowshoes, and you'll be burning 40% more calories. Snowshoeing can be the physical equivalent of playing a full court basketball game. Without the referees. Which is why people who own Redfeather snowshoes are so incredibly healthy. Every snowshoe we make could be in our "Fitness" category, but we've got several that are really special. Incredibly light, incredibly fast, and used by people who are "in the know", like Olympic Marathon runners and snowshoe racing champions from Michigan to New Hampshire. After all, you don't get awarded "Best Running Snowshoe" of the year by just standing around shivering.

So, grab yourself a pair and get moving. You can thank us later.


You know that old expression. "Aww, take a hike!" Yeah, we've got snowshoes for that. You're going to thank that wiseguy for giving you the green light to strap on a pair of Redfeathers and leave him standing waste deep in snow in his driveway.


There's nothing like getting away from it all. No matter what "it" might be.

Our designers at Redfeather have made that "getting away" part way easier. If you've got some serious mileage to put on to actually get to where you're going, we've definitely got the snowshoes to take you there.

And bring you back.

Provided you actually WANT to come back.


They say that "youth is wasted on the young". To that, we say "Balderdash!"

That's why we've got snowshoes just for kids.

As for you adult-type parental people: "Go get your own."



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