Snowshoe 101: HOW TO SNOWSHOE

Yeah, It's This Easy.

Nearly everyone is a little nervous or intimidated when trying out a new sport. Snowshoeing, however, is a sport that you can enjoy your first time out.

Before you go on your first trip take a few minutes to become familiar with your snowshoes. The most important aspect is to become familiar with the binding.
Follow these simple steps to make sure you have the proper fit every time:

  • Put the ball of your foot over the top of the hinge, centered on the snowshoe. Your toes should hang over the front of the foot bed.
  • Tighten the front strap first, followed by the heel strap and finish by tightening the strap over your instep.
  • The straps don't need to be overly tight. Just make sure they are snug.

To walk in your snowshoes, you'll imitate your normal stride. Your feet should be a bit farther apart than usual, but not too much. Stride forward, putting your foot down heel to toe. Repeat as though you were walking or running on dry, firm ground.

We probably should have mentioned at the very beginning that you want to put your snowshoes on when you are OUTSIDE, not INSIDE. Powder coated steel crampons and hardwood floors do not get along.

Now, pick a direction. Take a step. Take another. You are now a Redfeather Winter Person!


We'll get the hot chocolate started.