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The Words, "Take A Hike!", Take On A Whole New Happy Meaning.

Redfeather Arrow Snowshoe

Redfeather Arrow

Redfeather Conquest Snowshoe

Redfeather Conquest

Redfeather Explore Snowshoe

Redfeather Explore


There's fresh powder out there.


That winter storm quietly, gently dropped 4 new inches of the white stuff. The tree branches are doing a delicate balancing act of holding on to layers of fluffy crystaline frosting from the snow gods. And that favorite trail of yours through the woods and "up around the bend" is going to look brand new all over again.

Time to take a hike.

And Redfeather is ready to take you there, wherever "there" might happen to be.

Winter People like you "get it". We understand the allure and simple pleasure of taking a walk in the snow. Or rather, "on top of the snow". So, of course, Redfeather created an entire lineup of snowshoes specifically designed for those of us who can't wait for someone to tell us to "Take a hike!"

All of Redfeather's hiking snowshoes feature designs and components that will endure for mile after mile and year after year of snowshoeing adventure. From the superior flotation of the perennial Redfeather Explore, to the gender-specific designs of the popular Redfeather Hike, to the mobility and agility of the hybrid design of the Redfeather Arrow and Redfeather Conquest, Redfeather makes it easy to put one snowshoe in front of the other and just "GO".

Then we took it one snowshoe step further and made it really convenient to literally "have it all."

The Hike for Men, the Hike for Women, and the Arrow are all available as kits, as well, which include the snowshoes (of course!), trekking poles that you can use in the winter and in the summer for a better upper body workout and better balance, and a handy-dandy Redfeather Tote Bag to keep all your cool Redfeather stuff together, instead of flying all over the back seat of the car. (Think "Powder coated steel crampons and talons, airborne." Yeah. Tote Bag = Good Idea.)

So, we just have one question:

Why are you still glued to your screen, when you could be outside playing in the snow?

Women's Redfeather Hike Kit


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