Pace Kit


Compete In The Game Of Life,
No Matter What The Weather Throws At You.

Redfeather Vapor Snowshoe

Redfeather Vapor

Redfeather Race Snowshoe

Redfeather Race

Redfeather Pace Snowshoe

Redfeather Pace





Hit the trail.

Run with the dog.



And Win.

Redfeather has a whole series of snowshoes that are ready to go. Fast.

Our history has its roots in running. The V-Tail snowshoe, a Redfeather innovation, was designed by a runner so he could train in the winter. We've taken that breakthrough to the highest level of competitive snowshoe racing, then applied that winning technology in creating snowshoe designs for general fitness.

From the critically acclaimed and competition-ready Redfeather Vapor, voted Best Running Snowshoe by Backpacker Magazine, to the fitness-conscious Redfeather Race and slimmed down Redfeather Pace for women, there is no snowflake on the planet that will stand in your way or slow you down.

So take that dog of yours for a run.

Blow past those trailrunners in their fancy-dan running shoes.

Laugh in the face of "go-slow-in-the-snow" people as they struggle for purchase.

Show the kids that Mom and Dad can set snow on fire.

Now find some snow and get out there.

Kevin Tarras, Redfeather Snowshoe Racing Team Member


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