Fashion Never Beats Function When It Comes To Winter

snowshoe clothingThe good news is you won't need to buy a lot of expensive gear, chances are some of it is probably in your closet! Here is a list of what you could expect to wear on an average outing, and your local Redfeather dealer should have quite a few suggestions for what to bring as well:

Warm layers: Mom and Dad always told you to dress in layers, and they were right! Put on some toasty non-cotton long underwear as a foundation with an middle insulating layer of fleece or wool. Include an outer layer to block wind or snow if the conditions demand it. You can shed layers as you get warm and put them back on as you cool.

Footwear: Warm socks (wool or polypropylene), waterproof hiking boots, winter boots, or even your waterproof running shoes! Consider buying a pair of gaiters, they're great for keeping your ankles dry in deep powder.

Hat and Gloves: Both of these items are very important for any winter weather. Remember, you lose a considerable amount of heat from your head. If you're cold, put a hat on. Remember, too, that baseball season starts in April. So leave the baseball cap in the closet. Get your wooley on!

Extras: Even though it's cold out, you still need to keep hydrated, so bring the water bottle with you! If you're going way out there, carry snacks, a compass and map, first aid kit, and flashlight (or headlamp) too. These things can be carried in a fanny pack or day-pack, or simply stash them in a pocket. Poles are suggested for balance, load carrying, hiking in steep terrain, and to take a little bit of weight away from your knees. Give 'em a try!

If you are looking for clothing made for snowshoeing and other winter activity, give us a call at Redfeather! Or drop us a line! We're closing out our high performance line of winter sport clothing for men and women at exceptional savings!





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